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Medical & Business Training Associates

Independent Contractors/Trainers Needed

Independent Contracts Needed! If you are an Educator or have an aspiration to become a Classroom Trainer by conducting  Instructor Lead Classes or want to teach students OnLine from the comfort of your home , this is the page you will want to explore. M&BTA has posted many links to help you establish your 1099 status. We will provide a 1099 at the end of a calendar year for tax purposes. We think you will like what you see! The process is very simple:
  1. Review the Job Description
  2. Email Your Resume to 
  3. Complete the Background Check form- Once approved you will receive a Link to access content on Trainers Page
  4. Select the Course you want to teach
  5. Complete the Independent Contractor Agreement
  6. Compete the W9 Form
  7. Choose the Days of the week you want to teach,  Choose from 5 different Time Zones that fit your schedule, Choose the number of weeks you want to work
  8. Write a Brief Bio in 3rd person
  9. Provide a copy of Certificate for any Curriculum's you want to teach. This is a State of Michigan Requirement.
  10. Sign Disclaimer to post your picture on Website or on YouTube.
  11. Once on board you will be paid after we receive your invoice. 
  12. You will be supplied with Instructor manuals, Student Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Assessments, Advertorials, and an opportunity to update your own skillset at a 50% Discounted Rate on any curriculum you are not teaching.,
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In this area provide your contact information so we can address any questions you may have. We can be reached @ 855-282-6282 Ext. 101

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